The soot and smoke can cause more damage than the initial fire itself. The residues left behind after a fire can seriously damage various surfaces around your property. It can also cause serious health issues, as smoke and small soot particles can enter one’s airways and cause breathing issues.

The good news is that you can trust us at ServiceMaster by Melin for your smoke damage restoration needs. It’s important to hire professionals to handle the restoration after fire damage because DIY solutions can make matters worse. We use high-quality chemicals to clear out odors, while also ensuring there are no threats to the structural integrity of your property.

A Cautious Approach

Our smoke damage restoration technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary to safely restore your property after a fire. We will arrive quickly to assess the smoke and soot damage and determine the extent of the restoration. We use a simple, but effective, approach to cleaning off surfaces to avoid aggravating the soot damage. Trying to clean soot damage yourself can result in it spreading around and possibly getting deeper into the surfaces of your home.

A Protected Team

The team at ServiceMaster by Melin utilizes personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid causing further damage to the affected surfaces. Touching any damaged areas with your hands causes the oils in your skin to spread through walls and furniture, making it hard for the material to stay clean. We use protective items to ensure we don’t cause more damage during the restoration process.

A Thorough Process

The smoke damage restoration process entails neutralizing any odors and cleaning up built-up ash before it spreads, forming soot. Our technicians will remove stains from at-risk items like appliances, tiles, fabrics, upholstery, and walls. The ServiceMaster cleaning methods are proven effective against smoke damages of all sorts. We will work efficiently to ensure you can safely return home as soon as possible.

Your property deserves the best possible attention when it comes to smoke and soot damage restoration. Our experts at ServiceMaster by Melin will be there to resolve whatever problems you may hold surrounding your space. Contact the team today, we’re ready to help!