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Fire Safety – Leading by Example

The other day, I saw a comic that read

“If the furniture is moved and the kids have been home alone, check under the furniture!”

I was instantly taken back to a time when as a younger girl, I did this very thing in an effort to cover up a burn spot on the carpet. I am not sure of the reasoning; however, I saw my parents and older siblings light a paper from the stove and take it to the fireplace to light the fire, easy enough right? So, one day, when I was home alone, I decided to try to light something using the same strategy that I had seen multiple times only my attempt was not quite as successful. Before I knew it, the paper that was on fire had burned down to my fingers prompting me to immediately drop the paper on the carpet! I was able to put the fire out but now there was a terrible burn spot on the carpet. My solution, move the chair above it, for some reason, I believed that no one would notice, not right away at least.

While this scenario ended up on a somewhat happy note, in our industry we, unfortunately, see too many fire accidents. As we all know, children watch what we do as much if not more than they listen to what we tell them, this begs the question, what are you teaching them in terms of fire safety? Take advantage of opportunities to teach your kids how to deal with fire properly, your family’s lives and home may depend on it.

December is Fire Safety month! Click here for a wide variety of fire safety tips from the National Fire Protection Agency.



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