Tile & Grout being cleaned in a building in Modesta by ServiceMaster by MelinBecause of its durability, tile has become a popular flooring choice in many offices, lobbies, hallways, restrooms and kitchens. Unfortunately, the high traffic in these areas dulls the floors and causes the grout to become dark and unattractive with deeply embedded soil and dirt. Because grout is porous and absorbs the dirt and debris on it, mopping does not help. It only removes the surface soil, not the embedded dirt that causes the discoloration.

The commercial tile and grout cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by Melin use high-powered specialized equipment to remove and extract the dirt and soil that is deep within the grout, restoring your floors appearance to like-new conditions.

There are several benefits when you get commercial tile and grout cleaning from ServiceMaster by Melin including:

  • It can help extend the life of floors by removing debris that can weaken the tiles.
  • It helps you avoid the expense and business interruption of completely replacing tile floors.
  • We clean ceramic, porcelain, limestone and travertine tile and specialize in offices, lobbies, restrooms, kitchens, hallways and other tiled areas of a commercial property.
  • Our sealing product helps maintain the cleaned grout for months and allows your maintenance cleaning to be more effective.

For the best commercial tile & grout cleaning, call ServiceMaster by Melin.