Why Carpet is Still a Good Choice for Your Home

If you are addicted to home improvement shows like I am, you can probably agree that there is a lot of carpet shaming going on. More and more potential homeowners complain that a house has carpet and immediately make plans to tear it out and replace it with hardwood, tile or manufactured laminate wood. When.. read more →

Fire Safety – Leading by Example

The other day, I saw a comic that read “If the furniture is moved and the kids have been home alone, check under the furniture!” I was instantly taken back to a time when as a younger girl, I did this very thing in an effort to cover up a burn spot on the carpet… read more →

Carpet Cleaning: Do-It-Yourself or Call a Pro?

DIY-ers or Professionals – Let’s face it, we have become a generation of Do-It-Yourselfers and it’s a great thing, the accomplishment of knowing that we took on a project and completed it with beautiful results gives us true bragging rights. There are shows dedicated to the DIY experience, some highlight the good and some the.. read more →

A maintenance checklist can help keep your home safe this year.

Happy New Year! The New Year is an exciting time when people run around sharing their resolutions. From personal fitness and reading more to spending quality time with loved ones, almost everyone recognizes the New Year as a time to make a fresh start. As I consider the changes I would like to make this.. read more →